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The goal of International SEO is to position web pages as high as possible in the organic search results of search engines such as Google. Research has shown that the first three search results from Google get almost 60 percent of all clicks.

Search Engines

A high position in Google can, therefore, result in a massive increase in visitors from the search results!Search engines use different ways to determine the order of the search results. For example, Google is known to use more than 200 various ranking factors.

Content Of The Page

Fortunately, we now do reasonably well which of these 200 factors have the most influence. These are Content, the quality, and content of the page. And the Popularity of a page, this is the number of links that point to a page.

Important Factor

Also, there is a third important factor called Rank Brain. This is an artificial intelligence from Google. The last element is not a factor that we can influence. But Content and Popularity, on the other hand, can be changed.

Search Engine Optimization Ensures A Long-Term Result

Optimizing a site takes a lot of time and effort. The content of the site must be made search engine friendly. The number of links pointing to a site must grow steadily. And the technology behind the site must stand well. That is why SEO is a process that can take quite some time before results come. Also, a lot of specialist knowledge is required. But once the process is successful, SEO is an investment that pays for itself for a long time. The ‘counterpart’ of SEO is SEA. These are paid advertisements with search results that produce immediate results.

eterpro has developed a concept in which we use the most robust features of SEO and put the weak points as far as possible out of the game. This strategy is reflected in our ‘relief packages’ in which we combine SEO and SEA. With online advertising (SEA), this means direct results, and we use SEO building blocks for the long-term strategy in which we will take care of higher positions in Google.


Search Engine Optimization Benefits


Long-Term Strategy

In the long term, search engine optimization is a very cost-effective solution. SEO also ensures right long-term positions in the search engines.

Targeted Searchers

Visitors who see your site appear with their search term are already looking for a product or service that you offer. These visitors have a much higher potential to purchase your services or products.

In Addition To Sea Campaign

A good search engine optimization strategy combined with a solid SEA strategy ensures optimal visibility of your site in Google. You book direct results through the online advertisements, and you are also working on improving your organic positions for the long term.

About Us


Search engine optimization consists of 3 pillars: technology, content, and popularity. Within these three pillars, more than 200 factors can be identified where Google and other search engines assess your website.

Competitors Analysis

It is also essential to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. If they even or more on SEO, we must of course also take steps. We monitor this and report our recommendations.

Monthly Reports

Every month you receive a story in which the results of the SEO efforts come back. Also, we advise on possible improvements that can be implemented.

Building Blocks

The SEO campaign consists of separate building blocks that can form a solid foundation for a drive. For example, a link building block to increase the online popularity of your site can fit in very well with the content building block, in which we improve the content of your site.