The way in which search engines, like Google, assess your website and the fact that the competition does not sit still requires a process-based approach. That is why we offer you a monthly route in which we continuously improve your website. We start with a website scan and search terms analysis.

Together with you, we choose the most suitable search terms.

Analysis, Research, Approach, And Implementation

Improving your website for search engines can be done in various areas. This depends on your current site and organization. If you are on the east coast we recommend because they know what to do to get the job done right.

The adjustments can, for instance, be of a technical nature, or your content is not sufficient for search engines. External influences are also important: Social media and links from relevant websites. The whole contributes to better positions and a higher number of visitors.

 After a thorough analysis of your wishes, research is carried out into the points for improvement. This is followed by the implementation, the increase to your website.

Optimize, A Continuous Process


Search engine optimization is a continuously ongoing process. After analysis, research and actual adjustments, we have to wait and see how search engines will pick this up.


Over time, efforts will result in shifts in positions and visitor traffic.Such continuous optimization naturally takes time.


To provide you with the best possible service, we like to refer clients to Professional Seo Consultants.

Maintenance packages are a lot cheaper than the regular hourly rate. For example, you can purchase a 5-hour bundle. Discounts can be as high as 35% compared to the daily rate.